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Across the Caribbean there are many different shipyards and marinas where you can store your boat during the hurricane season. To help you choose the right place for you, here’s a roundup of some of the most popular places:


Located within the hurricane belt, Antigua is no stranger to the effects of these severe storms. When boats are hauled out, shipyards do what they can to minimize windage and reduce the risk of boats being knocked over by high winds. Most yards have insurance approved hurricane cradles which is an important consideration. 

ABC Islands: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao

Located at the southern end of the Caribbean are Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, collectively known as the ABC islands. These islands are below the hurricane belt which lessens the risk of a severe storm, making many yacht owners and insurers happy. Across the ABC’s there are a few places you could haul out.

British Virgin Islands

In the past the BVI has experienced a number of damaging hurricanes including Hurricane Irma. As a result the shipyards here prepare for the possibility of a severe storm hitting; for example, using pit storage, strapped down hurricane season cradles and removing sails. One of the main options is in Tortola while the other is in Virgin Gorda.


It may not be somewhere that immediately comes to mind but Colombia is out of the hurricane belt and has relatively developed yacht haul out facilities. Most are located in or near Cartagena, one of the largest cities in Colombia. The city itself has an interesting history going back hundreds of years to its founding in 1533 and is an increasingly popular place for those that choose to live aboard too.

Dominican Republic

Heading back north again, the Dominican Republic is on the second largest island in the Greater Antilles. Despite its size, there’s only one viable haul out option and that’s IBC Shipyard. Located within Marina Casa de Campo, it has a 300 ton lift and offers hurricane storage. The surrounding area is quite upmarket with the onshore facilities including a supermarket, international restaurants, a cinema and boutique stores.


Grenada has long been held as a top destination for the hurricane season due to its southern location, vibrant cruiser social scene and range of yachting amenities. The nations haul out facilities are split between the main island of Grenada and Carriacou to the north.


Only a small part of Guatemala’s coastline is on the Caribbean side of the country but along that stretch is the mouth to the Rio Dulce River. Along that river there are three haul out facilities where you can store your boat, well away from the sea.


Without a doubt Martinique is a popular destination for cruisers during the sailing season. Come hurricane season, some choose to stay there and haul out down in Le Marin at Carenantilles Shipyard. The yard has two travel lifts and a range of marine services onsite if there’s any work you need done.


Another country that’s below the hurricane belt, Panama’s east coast is relatively safe from the impact of severe storms. Most of the shipyards capable of hauling yachts near the Panama Canal, which could be useful if you’re thinking of crossing through and visiting the Sea of Cortez. 

Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico the only haul out facility is Puerto del Rei on the country’s east coast. It’s a well established yard that’s protected by mangroves and uses a system of straps, stands, steel eyes and underground structures to help keep boats and their owners safe during hurricanes.

St. Martin and St. Maarten

A small, dual-nation island, Saint Martin and Sint Maarten are a pair of destinations well loved by cruisers. When the seasons turn it’s possible to haul out at one of a few facilities on the island. These ship yards are all located on the western side of the island, which offers more protection to incoming storms than the exposed east side.

St. Kitts and Nevis

Staying in St Kitts and Nevis during the hurricane season might make it a bit hard to get boat work done because the islands are just so beautiful. The only haul out facility is St. Kitts Marine Works, which is along the west coast towards the northern end of the island. The yard has a number of yacht services on site and a huge travel lift.

St. Lucia

Like St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia only has one haul out facility and that is IGY Rodney Bay Boatyard. Since it’s at the southern end of the hurricane zone some insurers will still provide coverage, and the yard itself is within a sheltered area. One of the benefits of staying somewhere like IGY Rodney Bay Boatyard is it’s central location, with a range of shops and restaurants just a short distance away.


Having spent a hurricane season in Trinidad we’ve become pretty familiar with the area. It’s below the hurricane belt so there’s only a slim chance of experiencing a direct hit by a severe storm. All of the shipyards and yachting services are centred around Chaguaramas. If you decide to haul out in Trinidad you have three choices.

US Virgin Islands

Finishing off with the US Virgin Islands there is St. Croix Marine Center. A full service shipyard, it has an onsite chandlery, 60 ton travel lift and offers haul-out storage for the hurricane season. Like most yards a place can be reserved in advance, at which time you can find out exactly how the yard plans to secure your vessel.

By Telicia Campain

Telicia lives aboard a 2021 Leopard 45 with her two best friends and an Australian Shepherd. Together they're sailing the world, and sharing their experiences through their Travel Sketch channel on YouTube. Their cruising grounds have so far included the Mediterranean and Caribbean, with the Pacific Islands and South East Asia coming next.

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