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We get tons of positive feedback on noforeignland, and occasionally we get to hear some great anecdotes too. This one, from Steve & Darla on SV Sea Hawk, was so good we just had to share it here.

We had just stepped ashore in Georgetown at the dinghy dock near the Fish Fry when my wife, Darla, stopped and pointed down. We saw cash staring up at us. Score! Upon further inspection it became clear that it was not only money, but an entire wallet, complete with $80 cash, a driver’s license, credit cards, insurance card, and more. We picked it up, and began the task of finding the owner. All we had to go on was a name and address.

We scoured the internet, researching every social media outlet available as well as a deep dive on Google for any pertinent information. Nothing. Zilch. Zero.

On a whim, I typed the name into noforeignland, and again found nothing. Then it occured to me to try just the last name from the ID, and there was exactly one match, but the first name was not the same. So, I took a leap of faith and sent the boat a message anyway, asking if the gentleman went by a different name, and lo and behold, he did!

It turned out they were still in Georgetown, and he was literally out retracing his steps searching for his wallet when I sent the message! I told them we had found it and they were ecstatic. Also, since we were on noforeignland, we didn’t need to explain where we were, they could simply dinghy straight over to our location on the map.

So, a short time later, not only was the money clip returned to its rightful owner, but we had earned some serious karma points; and best of all, we had made cool new friends!

Without noforeignland, this could never have transpired. Just one more reason why noforeignland is absolutely the best app for the boating community.

Steve and Darla.

SV Sea Hawk.

Do you have a story of how noforeginland has helped you? We’d love to hear it! Drop us an email and we’ll try to publish it:

By Steve Jennings

Steve & Darla have sailed their Island Packet 370, Sea Hawk around Florida and more recently the Bahamas. They are avid sailors, and proud Patreon supporters of noforeginland.


  • Susan Crumpley says:

    So cool Steve and Darla!

  • Amy Venditti says:

    Steve & Darla beat us to it! We are the ones who lost the money clip the night before. We are so grateful for their diligence in tracking us down and for being such honest people. They even declined a finders fee, so we paid the good karma forward (literally) by giving an additional donation to help out a stranded sailor in the area. It would have been a huge hassle to replace the license and cards. We are so fortunate to have new friends, our money clip back, and NFL!

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