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Who can submit an article?

You can! If you have an idea for an article, then please get in touch and let us know:

What kind of articles do we publish?

  • Destination guides — If you have expert knowledge of sailing area we’d love to hear about it.
  • Technical — Any boat related technology: from software, to electrical and mechanical.
  • Boat life — Everyday experiences and advice for those living aboard their boats.

Our author guidleines:

  • Please provide us with:
    • a photo of you (and/or your boat),
    • a short biography which includes your name, cruising ground and history,
    • links to your social media channels if you would like them added to your articles and bio pages.
  • Keep your contributions to a maximum of 1,000 words. If you have an idea for a longer article, please let us know before making a start on it.
  • Include headlines and sub-headings. We can help you with this if needed.
  • A picture tells a thousand words so include plenty of images with captions to enhance your article. Photos of feet, cocktails and sunsets are great but seldom add anything useful. If you have a lot of images, we can arrange them in a gallery format before publishing for you.
  • This is important: when you mention a sailing destination or place, you must include a link to it on our Map. You can use the sharing link button on the Place page to generate the link. If the place is not on our map, please add it. If you are unsure how to do this, let us know.
  • Submit your article in English. If English is not your first language we can help with translation.
  • Do not include images or word content that is not yours, or links to commercial sites.
  • Readers want to know what you have to say, not others. Opinions are part and parcel of a blog article and welcomed but do keep it clean, polite and relevant.
  • Don’t worry about font selection and other formatting, this is controlled by the blog software to ensure a consistent look for all our articles.
  • If you have never contributed an article before and are worried about getting started, there is plenty of advice online, for example, this article is a good starting point.